Curriculum - Education in Faith


The Religious Education Programme at St Philip’s is unique in that it incorporates both doctrinal (knowledge) and catechetical understanding (practices), so that students develop a holistic approach to their faith.


To Know, Worship and Love

The archdiocese of Melbourne recommends the use of the text book To Know, Worship and Love which is used throughout St Philip’s School. The text provides a scope and sequence which allows students to develop their understanding of Liturgy, the life of Christ, the Liturgical calendar and the associated Catholic practices and Sacramental life of the Church.


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Based on Montessori teaching practices, this Programme allows students to engage with the Catholic Faith in a tactile and reflective way, where they can manage their own learning and the speed at which they move through topics. We have two Atrium Rooms, set aside for reflection on the faith each containing age appropriate materials for the junior and senior students. We also have three parish groups which use the Atrium on a Monday. These groups are coordinated by Mrs Kate Anderson and a team of trained catechists.


Liturgical Life

The whole school attends Mass regularly. Various classes take it in turns to read the Prayers of the Faithful and to present the Offertory Gifts. The students regularly have the opportunity to go to Confession as part of Religious Education. We regularly participate in Eucharistic Adoration, Benediction and encourage the recitation of the Rosary, especially in May and October. Easter and Christmas generally include a whole school reflection, such as a pageant or the Stations of the Cross.



The Sacraments of First Confession and First Holy Communion are celebrated in Year 3. The Sacrament of Confirmation is conferred on students in Year 6. The students are prepared by the classroom teachers, with support from the Religious Education Leader and Parish Priest during Religious Education classes.


Altar Servers

Some of our students are Altar Servers at St Philip’s Parish. They are trained by our Parish Priest, Fr Nicholas Dillon.



Our school Choir sing at various events including Sacramental Masses, para-liturgies for Lent and Advent and at school functions. They are beautifully led by our Music teacher, Mrs Wendy Forsyth.


Social Justice

Our Senior students have the opportunity to participate in Leadership including leading the younger children in Social Justice activities. These activities include fundraising for St Vincent de Paul, Project Compassion and Catholic Mission, organising the annual Mini-Mission Fair and celebrations of feasts such as St Philip’s Day.



This programme is run by two of our teachers who have been trained. It serves the needs of students who are suffering a loss or separation in the family. It allows them a safe and secure environment in which they can think about and share their feelings with others who are dealing with similar situations.