Curriculum - Learning and Teaching

We believe that learning is a lifelong process. Through the use of a contemporary learning approach, the students are guided through learning experiences that meet their particular stage of development and which are tailored to meet their individual learning needs. All students are encouraged and supported to actively participate in their learning. Staff are encouraged and supported to work collaboratively as part of a team to aid their planning. This allows for professional development and the sharing of learning by providing opportunities to develop collegiality. The Victorian Curriculum forms the basis of all programs within our school. We employ a personalised approach in teaching where the students are supported to take ownership of their learning. At St Philip's we place a strong emphasis on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills. These fundamental skills are the tools for students to access a broad, exciting and stimulating curriculum. By using a contemporary learning approach, we support our students to see themselves as lifelong learners. We aim to skill our children to think critically and creatively and to communicate effectively. We provide an engaging and authentic curriculum which is personalised to the individual's needs and interests. Learning is seen as purposeful and suited to modern students.


At St Philip's our Literacy program reflects a contemporary learning approach which targets the development of Thinking Skills in addition to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. We provide a range of contemporary tools to assist our students to become confident and engaged learners. At St Philip's we believe that learners are central in all that we do. Students' needs are identified, planned for and monitored taking account of specific needs of the individual student and their literacy requirements. Reading Recovery is an integral part of our Literacy program providing additional intervention support for students in Year One.


In a contemporary learning approach, Mathematics is seen as the capacity to be numerate, that is, the ability to effectively apply Mathematics to everyday situations. At St Philip's we believe that all students should be challenged and supported to become confident in their use of Mathematics. We promote a culture of high expectations for achievement and support learners through extension and intervention programs to develop their competencies.

Inquiry Approach

Students are supported and guided to achieve set learning goals through active learning. Progress and achievement is assessed by how well students develop critical and analytical skills and their ability to synthesise knowledge. Inquiry Learning encompasses all areas of the Victorian Curriculum and assists the learner to make connections and transfer learning in a holistic way.

Specialist Programs

At St Philip's we are very fortunate to have a number of specialist programs that the students participate in. Students have weekly lessons in Italian, Library, Music and Physical Education.