Our Community - Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a unique program for Catechesis (learning) in Religious Education. It includes programs for children aged 3 - 6, 6-9 and 9-12. Throughout the program, children experience and form an authentic relationship with God. The result of a long period of careful observation of children, it recognises and meets the innate needs of the child at these different developmental stage.


Children gather in the Atrium, a room specially prepared for them, which contains simple materials the child uses to help hear and absorb essentials of the Christian message. After a theme has been presented based on scripture, the liturgy or practical life, the child is free to work with those materials. For instance, you will see a shepherd and sheep from the parable of the Good Shepherd; a small altar and materials for the Mass, and figures from the Last Supper. Through these ‘works’ the child hears and responds to the message of Christ. In 2015 we were blessed to acquire the materials for a 3-6 Atrium from St Mary’s parish Greensborough. These materials were set up in a junior and senior Atrium so that groups from the parish and classes from the school can use these materials in a special space.

The parish groups run an Atrium session for 3-6 year olds on Mondays (10am-11:30pm and 12:30pm-2pm).

 If anyone is interested in having a look at the Atrium or enrolling their child in a session, please speak to Miss Andrea Dyson, the RE leader.