Assessment & Reporting

Assessment & Reporting

St. Philip’s is committed to providing rich learning experiences for the students in our care. The school has developed a comprehensive curriculum, which is based on the Victorian Curriculum F – 10 implemented in 2017. This document describes a common set of knowledge and skills that are required for life-long learning, social development and active, informed citizenship. Student achievement and progress is assessed on an ongoing basis as an integral aspect of strategically planned learning and teaching activities.

Learning Journals and Reports

Each student has a Learning Journal which contains work samples collected as part of the overall assessment and reporting process, and includes samples of best work, Rich Assessment Tasks (learning tasks that provide the classroom teacher with quality information about the strategies being used by students to solve problems) and examples of work in progress. The Learning Journal includes individual Learning Goals for each semester.

The class teacher determines each student’s performance against the Victorian Curriculum Achievement Standards and uses work samples, together with other forms of learning and assessment.

The Learning Journal is sent home with the students mid-year and end of year reports for you to view, share with your child and celebrate their progress. The Journal is to be returned to school mid-year but can be kept at home when it is sent home with the end of year reports and kept as part of your records of your child’s progress over their primary years of schooling. The Learning Journal provides valuable insights into your child’s achievements and development.

The school process for reporting to parents has a number of components.

An initial ‘Parent-Teacher Interview’ in February where parents can hear how children have settled into class and can share background information, which may help teachers better cater for a student’s needs.

At the end of each Semester a comprehensive written report is sent home summarising their effort, progress and achievements along with areas for improvement. Accompanying the report is the student’s current Learning Journal for parents to review and comment on.

At the end of Semester 1, a second ‘Parent-Teacher Interview’ is held to review the Semester 1 progress and discuss future directions.

Parents and teachers are also encouraged to contact each other to discuss student issues as the need arises.

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