Parent Involvement

Parent involvement and participation is warmly invited and actively encouraged. You can participate in a variety of ways such as school council, parents and friends, working bees, excursions. camps, volunteering in the classrooms and just by staying up to date with school news and happenings.

Just speak to your classroom teacher – or our Principal to find out more!

St Philip's School Board

The School Board is an advisory board which acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education and forward planning for the school, and is responsible to the Parish Priest for its work. It brings together, in a spirit of co-operation, the Parish Priest, the Principal, and representatives of parents and teachers. It is an avenue for informed advice to be shared and discussed. The Board is advisory and carries out the following functions:

  1. Ensuring the implementation of Diocesan Policies as stated from time to time. 
  2. Assisting in the formulation of School Policies in close collaboration with the Principal and staff of the school. 
  3. Future planning of school facilities. 
  4. Working in collaboration with the Parents and Friends Association in the school. 
  5. Encouraging school/community relationships and home/school interaction. 
  6. Developing strategies for the local promotion of Catholic Education. 
Parents & Friends Association

Our Parents & Friends plays a very active role fundraising for a range of school initiatives and resources and giving general support in a multitude of ways. By being an involved participant in the work of the Association, parents have the opportunity to meet other families in the school and enjoy the social contact that is a part of our vibrant community. It is a great way to be part of a caring family community. It is in the interests of our continued community spirit that support of all the functions organised by the various Committees is encouraged. The Parents & Friends assist at Open Days, Feast Day celebrations and help run the Tuckshop. They provide social and fundraising events which bring together the community and support the learning of all of our students. Parents & Friends meetings take place throughout the year.

Parent Helpers - Classroom & Excursions

Many of our classroom activities include group work when extra adult help is most welcome. We also welcome parent helpers at camps, excursions, incursions, through sharing of parent expertise and we encourage parents to volunteer for various events throughout the year. Therefore, there are many opportunities for parents to become involved either in the classroom or within the school. Parent engagement in learning is a great way to learn more about the curriculum, the different ways that students learn and for students to hear from other voices in their community. 


Parents wishing to volunteer as helpers for English and Mathematics are encouraged to participate in a training program to learn how to assist students with the development of reading, writing and mathematical understanding. Parents can then work in the classroom. This is usually with a small group of students and on a roster basis at a mutually suitable time, during the Literacy or Numeracy Block. Parent helpers are asked not to bring toddlers along when helping in the classroom and on excursions and to put mobile phones on silent. Parent helpers are also asked to keep what they see and do in the classroom confidential out of respect for the privacy and safety of our students. 


This service, offered by the P & F aims at providing a nutritious lunch for the students. The Tuckshop is open on Fridays. Price lists are sent home at the start of each year. Tuckshop orders are to be written on a brown paper bag, or included with a Sticky Beak bag (purchased from the Office), with the student’s name and class clearly marked. Correct money is to be included/encouraged so that no change is necessary. Orders are placed in a box in each classroom and collected by the Tuckshop volunteers. Extra items are available for sale during lunch, such as icy-poles and honey joys. All available parents are encouraged to volunteer for Tuckshop duty. All volunteers must have a current Working With Children Check and must sign a Child Safe Code of Conduct. St Philip’s Sports Committee The St Philip’s Sports Committee was formed with the aim of providing St Philip’s School with parental support in the organisation of sporting and other activities. The Sports Committee works as a sub-committee of the Parents & Friends. It looks after grounds maintenance around the school and is instrumental in organising and running the annual School Sports Day. It is open to any parents who wish to become involved in assisting with activities. The Sports Committee is an active part of St Philip’s school community and welcomes all parents interested in helping the school.

Class representatives Each class have a Parents & Friends representative whose role is to liaise with the teacher on behalf of the Parents & Friends to support the running of school events and to organise social events for parents of children in the class.

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